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Redefining Career Choices

While there is nothing wrong with choosing to stay in the safe zone, it is equally important for individuals to challenge themselves and pursue their interests. Doors to opportunities will open provided there is some genuine effort and hard work behind seeking them.


Three Aspects of The Fashion Industry that get Veiled Behind the Glamour

While trying to fit in the glamorous world of growing fashion and striving to be a part of the hustling bustling crowd in bazaars and shopping malls, we sometimes forget the price our environment and working class has to. It is not a small price since it comes with an ever-increasing gap between the rich and poor and a geographical damage that probably cannot be undone.


4 Writing Tips that I Learned from Ernest Hemingway

Here are some tips that I learned from Ernest Hemingway to improve my writing style and can, in my own humble opinion, aid others as well. These are some of the facts that I noticed while reading Hemingway’s famous novels and short stories.