Movie Review : Padman


It’s in human nature to go after things one forbids you from, look at North Korea. Repeatedly they are told to stop trying to be a nuclear power as they aren’t worthy of it but they don’t even care for our opinion. Oops I feel like I am deviating from the main topic, why I kept on forgetting that I’m here for movie review but Man my love for world politics has no boundaries, I can fit it anywhere (hidden talent). Now the purpose of using the former example was to justify my act of watching PADMAN movie which hold a lot of controversial and ‘ Molanas’ disapproval and the ‘fatwas’ of being kicked out from the circle of ‘mumaneein’, if any Muslim especially Mard Zaat of Pakistan even think of watching it. When I switched the movie on I myself was perplexed with an idea of committing an unforgivable sin. BUT BUT BUT!!!!  This is the movie which will make you stick to the edge of the chair the whole time. The movie is based on a true event YES you heard it right THIS MAN ACTUALLY EXISTS. The protagonist Lakshmikant Chauhan openly talked about the issue which was neglected the whole time in India. Lakshmikant makes people realize the importance of proper hygiene for women during menstruation. HE LITERALLY GIFTED SANITARY PADS TO WOMEN IN HIS HOUSE (don’t tell me that you just recited whole astagfirullah). AKWARD SILENCE

His journey is an emotional roller coaster which will make your eyes wet a lot and will bring an electrifying smile on your lips as well. The movie contains a love story in subplot which makes you adore the protagonist even more. You will fall in love with Akshay Kumar at the end of the movie. Literally he deserves the credit as well for being vocal about this important issue which is a taboo for the society. The movie will give you hope in first half and will leave you cursing the society in other half. Ladies and gentleman, this movie deserves an Oscar nomination. Everyone should watch this movie, missing this movie is like using Instagram without story update (Makes no sense? Come on you get me).I will rate this movie 8/10 and would like to appreciate the bravery of making such a movie.

 I am sharing a torrent link in case you are too clumsy to search it yourself ( Akshay should add me in his advertisement team as my dedication for making his movie successful in Pakistan is unmatchable LOL )


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