So 19TH August, 2018 was, once again, a great day in the history of Pakistan as the new Prime Minister, Imran Khan, addressed the nation. It appeared as if a father is talking to his children and is telling them about the problems that their home and family is facing. I think this is the first time, after Muhammad Ali Jinnah, that a leader has owned us Pakistanis. This man has revived the ideology of Pakistan and has given a proper direction to the citizens of the nation.

He began his address by informing the ignorant citizens about the financial crisis faced by Pakistan. When Pervaiz Mussharraf’s rule ended the loan on the country was 6000 trillion, during the time of Pakistan People’s Party this number increased to 15000 trillion and unfortunately now, after the rule of PML-N, the loan has reached 28000 trillion. This is the horrendous state of our country and very ironically, our leaders have been living like Kings. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they had been enjoying an even more luxurious lifestyle than Kings. The PM house covers an area of 1100 canals and is more like a palace with its 524 servants and 80 cars out of which 33 are bullet proof. Our new PM has said that all of them will be auctioned and the money will go to the treasury of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He said that such a life style was adopted by the Britishers who colonized us and treated us like slaves. However, Pakistan is no longer a colony, it is a sovereign state. She is facing a lot of crisis and it does not suit the leaders of such a state to enjoy this much of luxuries when the poor are dying of hunger, when they do not even have the basic necessities of life. The PM said that he would initiate a simple lifestyle by living in the 3-bedroom house with only 2 servants and 2 cars. He said that he needs our help in lowering the overall expenditure of the country and making it a prosperous state. His goal is to make Pakistan an emblem of simplicity, he wants to make Pakistan similar to those nations that are successful and peaceful and which help other poor countries.

What inspired me the most is that PM Imran Khan supported all his claims with Quran and Hadith and gave examples from the lives of Caliphs of Islam. By taking the system of Riyasat-e-Madinah as an ideal, he wishes to make Pakistan progress by implementing the rules and principles that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) implemented in Madinah. He said that the Holy Prophet made the Arabs into the strongest nation. Most importantly, he asked Pakistanis to be humane, to develop feelings of kindness and goodwill for all human beings irrespective of their social status.

He ended his speech by saying that his goal is to make Pakistan a state where one would not be able find a man deserving Zakat. He gave a very comprehensive address, he discussed all the problems starting from money and continuing on to children’s health, child abuse, land cases, injustices with women especially widows and so on. He is a great man, a father of nation, a humble Muslim and the best leader that Pakistan could have at this grave moment. I wish Pakistan and the new government all the best of luck, prosperity and success. Way to go Pakistan!


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